How many times have you gone vacation with the intent of taking tons of photos only to realize you are not in one single picture? Yep that's me!  Always behind the camera and never in the photos. But that doesn't have to be you.

  • Stop asking people you don't know to take  your picture.
  • Stop missing opportunities to capture unforgettable moments because you were actually busy enjoying it.
  • Stop forgetting to charge your camera battery
  • Stop forgetting your camera at the hotel
  • Stop taking pictures of everyone else and start getting in the pictures with your loved ones.

And you can stop doing all of that, if you just hire me.  

The purpose of these packages is to allow you to enjoy your vacation without having to worrying about taking photos or lugging around cameras. That would be my job! 

So whether you are coming to Orlando for vacation or going abroad you can have me come with you and know that at the end you will have photos that not include you in them but will provide you with wonderful memories for years to come. 

For people coming to the Orlando area, packages start at $550.00. Below is a list of what typically comes with the packages

For those who want me to tag along outside of the Orlando area or Country Packages start at $1200.00.

Neither options include the cost of food, travel, or lodging. 

Contact me now to book your Personal Vacation Photographer.