Page McKay

Starting out with point and shoot cameras in her teens, Page loved capturing those candid moments. In her 20s, as she developed her skill , Page utilized her talents to commemorate her friends life events. From Parties, Vacations, and Weddings, Page always had camera in hand capturing those special moments. In 2007 Page finally got her first SLR and fell in love. Immediately she knew that Photography was a passion that she needed to make a part of her everyday. With Page Hope Photography, Page has been able to do exactly that; taking her dream and turning into a career that she loves.

Specializing in Family & Portrait photography, Page shoots both Traditional & Lifestyle portraits; giving her clients a unique perspective into who they are while capturing the beauty both inside and out. 

20 Random Facts About Me!

I think one of the best ways to get to know someone is to learn about their likes and dislikes. Below I will give you 20 random facts about me, which I hope will give you a better idea of who I am.

  1. Some of my favorite movies as a child were The Goonies, The Princess Bride, The Neverending Story and Heathers. 
  2. My favorite color is red, but I have a love for both blues and greens.
  3. I listen to all music but tend to lean more towards Punk, Alternative and Rock.
  4. I hate the word "Behoove." 
  5. Besides working with Families I love taking photos of animals, bands and landscapes. 
  6. I am a Gemini, and yes that matters sometimes... 
  7. Kids are some of my favorite type of people since they are usually very honest and very curious. 
  8. I used to live in Las Vegas.
  9. Most people think I grew up in a Casino.
  10. I have been to 42 states and lived in 11.
  11. Liars are my least favorite type of people
  12. I think people are beautiful and I love to show that off no matter who they are or what size. 
  13. My mother is French and my Father was from Kentucky. 
  14. I don't speak French and it's my mom's fault!
  15. I love genealogy and creating family trees.
  16. I feel like a gypsy because I never want to live in the same place forever. 
  17. When I was a kid I loved Madonna and Janet Jackson and would put on shows for my daycare. 
  18. I work best in organized chaos. 
  19. I never read a book twice and rarely see a movie more than once (except of course my favorites)
  20. I am awesome, and most people agree!