South Asian Wedding July 23, 2016

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(Edited note: As per the request of the family and to respect their privacy I have removed the Bride and Groom's names from this post)

Since the end of July I have been busy. Between engagement, vacation, family, and wedding sessions it feels I have not stopped. However, I wouldn't change it for anything. The people I get to meet and the beauty I get to capture is worth every minute of it. This post is specifically about one session I was lucky enough to book. 

On July 23rd,  Laura (Laura Boyd Photography) and I were honored to photograph this beautiful Wedding Reception. Since it was the first time either one of us had the opportunity to shoot a South Asian event, we were extremely excited. First, the ballroom decor was absolutely beautiful, thanks to Mahjabeen Memon from Dreams to Reality.  She did a fantastic jon creating an atmosphere that met the needs of this young couples religious and ethnic traditions. As per the Bride herself, "Mahjabeen did an amazing job, and is a magician basically."  Just looking at some of the photos below and you can see how amazing Mahjabeen really is!!!

Once the guests started to arrive and the Wedding Party Entered, we were able to capture so many amazing moments. From the Bride & Grooms entrance as Husband and Wife, to the laughter and enjoyment of their friends and families. One particular moment that was super fun was to witness a tradition seen in many South Asian weddings called, "Joota Chupai" or "Stealing of the shoe." With this tradition, the eldest unmarried sisters, friends, bridesmaids, etc., steal one of the Groom's shoe and then basically hold it for ransom. The Groom's family can try to steal it back but if they cannot find it, the Groom must pay to have his shoe returned. Although this is not exactly how it went down at this reception it was super fun to watch. With the help of DJ Sumi  the shoe was taken and negotiations began. 

With that I will leave you with some shots from the rest of the evening and at the very bottom I present a Wedding Slideshow put to the song of their choice "Just Like Heaven" by The Cure!



DJ Sumi(non-registered)
Awesome shots ! And even more wonderful is your blog about the "jhoota chupiye" !! I had a wonderful time working with you ! Always lovely to work with such a down to earth, friendly photographer just like yourself !
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