Updated Added Slideshow: Rachel & Kris a Harmony Gardens Engagement

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UPDATE: Being busy is a problem we all have. Just the other day Rachel finally remembered to give me their favorite song for the personalized slideshow I create for many of my clients. So, I quickly put it together for them. Please take a moment and view their beautiful online session slideshow put to the song "Then" by Brad Paisley. Oh and if you haven't yet, definitely read about their session at Harmony Gardens below. 


One of my favorite type of session, is Engagement. Two people, having fun, celebrating their love, while allowing me to document their journey is usually a good recipe for fun. On Saturday June 25, 2016 I was able to spend time with a really fun young couple. Meet Rachel & Kris and take a look at the fun we had. 

Rachel & Kris are getting married in Pensacola and wanted engagement photos for their Save the Date Cards. When Rachel first contacted me she explained she wanted to do something unique and not do photos that everyone else has. I immediately went to work looking for unique and fun locations. I suggested everything from the Airstream Ranch  to the Holly Hill Ruins but nothing was quite right for them. I decided I needed to think outside the box and stop looking for free areas and start looking at some unique venues.

After a few more suggestions, Rachel and Kris agreed on Harmony Gardens in De Leon, FL, and once I cleared it with Leah the owner, we were all set! Upon arriving it started to rain. Not pour down, dark clouds, lightning type of rain; but sun out, singing birds, warm misting rain. I was a little annoyed since I had just checked the weather 30 minutes prior and it still indicated it would only be partly cloudy. However in Florida, most storms move fast, and within 15 minutes, no more rain.

Touring the facility Rachel and Kris were in love. Both of them actually were wishing that they could pick up Harmony Gardens and put it in Pensacola for their wedding. In reality, Harmony Gardens is an Outdoor Wedding Venue that caters to those who want a whimsical atmosphere. Just being there made me feel as if I was transported back into time during the era of Knights and Kings. New goal for 2016: Shoot a wedding at Harmony Gardens. Walking around, the three of us found several awesome spots to get some great photos. In fact, because it just rained, we didn't even use all the space we could have. Just take a look at some of the great moments we captured. 

See, these photos are incredible! Yes, I took them, but I don't think it has anything to do with me. First, Rachel and Kris were so great and easy to work with, and second, look at this place! Do I really need to keep saying how beautiful it is. And remember, we didn't even use the entire facility. But don't worry, because I will be back and next time you will see more. 

For more information on creating your Outdoor Magical Wedding" in a non-Disney way,  then definitely contact Leah Thomas at Harmony Gardens. I promise you will not regret it!


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