What is a "Day in the Life" Session & Why it's important.

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Day in the Life - A look into the Photojournalistic style of Family Photos

Recently I came across a well-known photographer named Kirsten Lewis (http://kirstenlewisphoto.com/) who has started doing these amazing photo sessions called "Day in the Life." Kirsten who used to be a photojournalist, decided when she started her own business that she wanted to offer something different and new that we don't see in the everyday world of Family Photography. In the Day in the Life sessions, Kirsten is able to capture the everyday and make it extraordinary. She shows the family those little moments that they normally miss because life is just too crazy. From the way a child laughs in the moment of being naughty, to the way dad and child snuggle of the couch while watching TV, no one takes these types of photos. When we are older reminiscing about the past, we think about the simple things we adored and cherished about our family but have nothing to look back at. Well by doing A Day in the Life session you will have something, you will have your own dedicated photo album that will one day be the legacy you leave behind to you children.

The reason many people shy away from photos is because they don’t like the way they look. But think about your mother, your aunt, grandfather, sister, father, or whomever is no longer in your life and tell me; when you look at a photo of them do you say, “Well that’s my grandmother I wish she was thinner!” No, you don’t. The reason is because our family sees us differently than the whole world, they love us for who we are, and if we could see ourselves the way our children see us, worrying about your photograph would never be an issue.

Think back to the late 1800s and early 1900s when photographs were scarce. Families used to only take photos when someone died. They would use specially designed tools to stand or sit their loved one up and take the photo because that was the only photo they would ever have. We don’t have to do that! We have so many ways to take photos now there is no excuse.

I lost my father in 2012 and whenever I wanted to take pictures with him he would want them to show off his best side. Needless to say we don’t have many together. This is the importance of doing a Day in the Life session. Had I known someone that could have come into my home, at any point in my life, and record my daily interactions with my family, I would now have something to look back on. The goal of Day in the Life is to document your life each year, so that you have a way to tell the story of your life as a family and will be the legacy you pass on.

I know many of you are thinking, “Well I can do that myself, why should I pay someone to do take pictures?” And here’s the reason. If you do it yourself you won’t be in many of the photos, or if you switch off with another member of the family you will be in some but you will never have the whole family together. Another reason; do you really think that you will remember or have time while to document your everyday while life is happening? Babies and kids need to be fed, they need bath time, homework, dinner, and maybe time for you to relax. When will you or any adult in the family be able to take photos all day? The answer, you won’t.

My goal by offering the Day in the Life sessions is to help families document their life as it happens, and produce an album for their family each year. These albums will priceless items that as the children become parents, and the parents become grandparents, they will be able to look back and see their lives through the years.

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