Vacation Session - The Johnson Family

August 03, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

Hello Everyone! 

So I wanted to take a quick second and say Thank You to the Johnson Family for inviting me along on their day at Disney. It was a wonderful experience, and I was able to capture a ton of spectacular moments. In fact, check out some of the photos below!

The Johnson Family's Day at Disney!!!

This photo marks almost the beginning of our experience. As the family made a bathroom stop it started to pour down rain. Here is Sara, her boyfriend, and her brother Tanner squished together trying to stay dry! Tanner originally was in front of the two and decided that since Sara's boyfriend was taller, he would stand between them and have him block the rain splashing in. As soon as he did that I knew I had to start shooting! 

This lasted about 30 to 40 minutes until Grandma Annie came with the Rain Ponchos.

We all made are way out into the rain looking for rides to get on; however, nothing was open due to lightning! That's okay we made the best of it. First we found a larger shelter and talked about what to do. Then Grandma Annie went to get snacks. 

After the rain died down we had a bunch of fun! Thunder mountain, Speed Way, Tom Sawyer's Island and more! This just goes to show you any day can be fun, even when it rains!

Want to have some fun! Invite me on your next Vacation!



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